There are many different types of air tickets

There are a multitude of different airline tickets available; the choices range from economy to first class, this difference affects comfort during the flight as well as a wide differential in price. Tickets can be purchased to leave a destination and fly to another or the ticket can provide for a return flight. When children fly with their parents or a guardian, the price of their air tickets can be greatly reduced if they are young enough to travel in a cot or sitting on the lap of a full fare passenger.

Economy class tickets are by far the least expensive but they also come with the most uncomfortable seat option. Some low cost airlines have their aircraft configured in such a way that all seats are of the economy style, thus allowing for the maximum number of passengers, all of whom are paying a low price for their ticket. Economy seating is uncomfortable at the best of times but more so for those people who have long legs or are overweight. There is limited leg room and the tall passenger finds his knees pressing against the back of the seat in front.

First class air tickets are the opposite end of the travel spectrum, a first class ticket will give the passenger access to spacious seats and excellent service. In addition to the seating, a first class passenger can expect a number of amenities that are not provided for economy class passengers, this includes the menu which is often equal to the best restaurant. The seats in first class are considerably wider and there is enough space between seats to allow the seat to lay flat for sleeping on long-haul flights. The first class ticket holders often are given privileges on the ground as well as they are welcomed into airport lounges that serve beverages and light snacks in a comfortable and quiet environment.

The tickets, whether for economy, business or first class can be purchased as a one-way or round trip package. When a round trip ticket is purchased, it will bring the passenger back to the departure airport. A round trip ticket does not cost twice as much as two one-way tickets, these air tickets are always priced less than double the one way fare.

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