Services Offered by a Cosmetic Dentist in Madison, AL

From major repairs to subtle changes, a cosmetic dentist in Madison AL can perform a large number of procedures that will improve your smile. There are a number of different options and techniques that can be used to treat teeth that are missing, misshapen, chipped or discolored. The dentist that you use will also be able to alter the length of all of your teeth, restore any short or worn teeth, close any spaces and reshape existing teeth. Some of the most common procedures that are offered by this dentist are highlighted here.


This is a common chemical process that is used to whiten a patients teeth. There are some people that seek this procedure to simply make any stains disappear, while others just want to achieve a lighter shade. There are a number of causes of tooth discoloration, including cigarettes, tea, coffee and medication. This can also be the result of getting older or due to genes.


Bonding is a type of tooth colored material that is used to fill in any gaps and change the color of your teeth. Bonding only requires one single office visit and can last for a number of years. However, it is a process that is much more susceptible to chipping or staining than some other types of restoration. If you have teeth that are slightly decayed, or chipped, the bonded composite resins may offer the material of choice to preserve these teeth.


These are also referred to as caps, and are used to cover a tooth in order to restore its previous shape and look. Due to their high cost, they are usually only used when other types of procedures from a Cosmetic dentist in Madison, AL will be ineffective. Crowns provide the longest expectancy for life of all the cosmetic restorations, but they do require the most time.


Another popular procedure is veneers, which are thing pieces of plastic or porcelain that are placed on the front of a patient’s teeth in order to chance their shape or color. No matter the issue, from crooked, spaced, discolored or chipped, veneers offer the ideal solution.

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