The Value of Speaking to a Bicycle Accident Attorney After a “Right Hook” Collision

While bicycle riding itself is inherently beneficial to a person’s health, the real-world practice often introduces quite a few dangers. For cyclists who live in cities where protected bicycle paths are abundant, only an occasional scratch or bump might become an issue. For a great many others, though, the need to travel the same roads plied by cars and trucks means that more serious dangers always lurk. In some cases, the accidents that result can be truly devastating, as a vehicle that weighs many thousands of pounds can do a lot of damage to a lightly protected cyclist. For just about such kind of incident, consulting with a Bicycle Accident Attorney like those online at website name will make good sense.

Although there are many different common kinds of accidents, a few of them arise the most frequently. The single most common reason a cyclist might need to call on a Bicycle Accident Attorney is a type of accident known as a “right hook.” With most cyclists sticking by habit to the right-hand side of the road, cars and trucks are able to pass them easily on the roads. In the vast majority of cases, this happens safely and without incident, but one particular situation engenders a particular degree of danger.

This happens when a driver first passes a bicyclist on the left and then prepares to make a right turn. Whether because of believing that the cyclist remains far behind on the road or simply forgetting about the presence of that other traveller, drivers will sometimes turn directly across the path of fast-moving bicyclists. In some cases, there will be so little space and notice that stopping will be impossible, and the cyclist will collide at speed with the passenger side of the car.

Accidents of this kind are by far the most common source of serious injuries to cyclists on the roads. Because of the inherently substantial nature of the impact that is involved, even death sometimes results, as glancing blows are simply not possible. Because so many cyclists are seriously injured in this way and entirely at the fault of drivers, seeking out legal representation to secure any compensation that might be owed will often be a good idea. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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