Are Parents Allowed to Let Their Kids Drink During the Holidays in Cicero?

For many Illinois families, the holidays involve the consumption of alcohol. Whether it’s wine, eggnog, or cocktails, people all over the state enjoy a drink or two over the Christmas season. Some parents allow their teenagers to partake, but there’s a big difference between giving your own child alcohol and allowing someone else’s child to drink.

Illinois Law on Minors’ Alcohol Consumption

Like most other states, one must be 21 years old to drink in Illinois. However, some parents wonder if they’re allowed to let their underage children have a drink on a special occasion. According to state law, parents may give their children alcohol if they’re at home and being supervised. Parents can’t let their kids drink at a bar or restaurant, and they can’t let other people’s kids drink.

Homeowners Are Liable for Underage Drinking

Many times, parents decide that their teenagers are mature enough to handle a drink or two during the holidays—and that’s up to their discretion. However, a parent who allows a child other than theirs to drink can find themselves in legal trouble. Giving minors alcohol is a misdemeanor in Illinois, and parents can also face civil consequences. The state’s Social Host law makes adults responsible for the effects of underage drinking. Consult a personal injury lawyer in Cicero for additional information on the Social Host law.

Legal Options for Parents Whose Children Were Injured After Consuming Alcohol

Parents can give their own children alcohol in some circumstances, but they can’t give it to other children. If your child was injured after drinking at another person’s house, it may be possible to hold the homeowner responsible. To learn more, visit the website of Shea Law Group today.

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