The Safe History of Volvo Vehicles

Volvo is a Swedish automobile company, which was founded in 1927. Headquartered in Hisingen, in Gothenburg, Sweden, since 2010, the car company has been retained as a subsidiary of Geely of China.

The company produces a number of vehicles including wagons, SUVs, sedans, and more. There are more than 2,300 Volvo dealerships throughout the world, and about 100 in the United States, alone. The major markets for the vehicle manufacturer include Sweden, of course, and also the US, China, and several countries in the EU.

In 2015, Volvo hit a huge milestone; the company solder more than a half a million cars that year. In fact, it had great sales that year, and this has just pushed the reputation of the brand higher and higher, including at the Volvo dealer near Schaumburg.

Volvo From Yesterday to Today

The Volvo brand has always been known for its dependability, something that car buyer love. The company also is under a government that has some of the strictest vehicle safety rules in the world, so those who buy these cars get that automatically.

One of the revolutionary features that Volvo was responsible for was in 1994, when laminated glass began appearing in its cars. By the 1950s, Volvos began appearing with three-point seat belts, which was standard in all Volvos by 1959. Additionally, the brand put in the first standard rear-facing child seat in its cars starting in 1964, and child booster seats in 1978.

The brand was still making safety waves in the 1990s, too. It was the first to put a three-point seat belt in the rear, middle seat, and also incorporated a safety cushion for children sitting in the back within the middle armrest. The company also installed side impact protection in several models, which lead the way for other brands to do the same.

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