Sleeping as You Age

As you get older, sleep may not happen so easily. Various events and objects in your life can cause a lack of proper sleep. In addition to physical changes, your sleeping pattern will change over time. The changing patterns are normal, and should be expected. Following is a brief overview of what to expect of your sleep as you age.

Why Sleep Is Vital

As you get older, sleep is still an important part of your life. As you sleep, your body is able to restore and repair itself. Your memory stabilizes as well as other brain functions. Older adults should get an adequate amount of sleep to prevent all day sleepiness and decreased body performance.

Aging adults are also prone to depression which can be exacerbated by a lack of sleep, this and other disorders can become prevalent if you lack enough hours of slumber.

Expect Changes in Your Sleep

When you age, your body will make lesser amounts of growth hormones. The decrease in hormones will affect your deeper sleep and cause you to wake up easier and more often throughout the night. Your sleeping patterns may change during this time as well as a result. The changes inside your body commonly make you feel sleepier earlier in the evening, which causes you to wake up earlier in the morning.

Create the Right Environment

To help you deal with all of these changes, make sure your home is conducive to your new habits. During the day, you should make your home light and airy. Open up blinds and curtains to let in natural light. If possible, sit outside for an hour or two to get the benefits of fresh air and sunshine.

Also, make sure you change your mattress regularly. Find a good mattress, such as a Serta in New Orleans and surrounding cities. Your mattress should be comfortable and relaxing. At this point in life, your body can have increased aches and pains and your bed should be able to aid you in restorative sleep.

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