The Right To Be Compensated If You Are In A Car Accident

If you are involved in any accident, including a car accident and it can be shown that the accident was the result of negligence of carelessness on the part of someone other than yourself you have the right to expect compensation for all your injuries as well as all the damages to your property. In the greatest majority of cases the compensation is paid by the insurance company that covers the party deemed to be at fault, in some cases it may be necessary to sue and take the case into court.

Compensation is not something that will come easy, you must be very diligent in gathering evidence, you must document everything that transpires and above all you must be patient and persevere. Trying to settle a car accident case with any insurance company can be trying, the insurance adjuster will try anything and everything he can to deny any compensation and if this is not possible, he certainly will do his utmost to keep it as low as possible. This is why you need a car accident attorney in Miami at your side, if the negotiation between your attorney and the insurance company fail then the option that is left is to purse compensation in court.

Even if you don’t think the accident is all that severe there will be a lot of confusion surrounding the incident; a great deal of “you said, I said” will take place. Your primary concern after any accident is to seek medical attention but if at all possible you should make an effort to document the event and gather information as best you can about the accident as well as the moments just before the accident happened. If you can manage this at this time it will be significantly easier to negotiate a meaningful settlement.

* Witnesses: There are usually people who witnessed the accident, try to get what information you can about what they saw as well as their names and contact details, ask them if they will provide you with a written statement supporting what they saw. Witnesses’ are important, the more information they come forward with, the better.

* The police: Always call the police; an accident report carries a lot of weight when your car accident attorney in Miami is dealing with the insurance company. Don’t be surprised if the at-fault driver begs you to forego this, this is a tactic that is being used to weaken any future action you may take and it will haunt you if you fall for it. Your first order of business is to attend to yourself or anyone else in the car that was injured and then your next priority is to protect your rights.

* Photographs: Most people have smart phones; use yours to take photos of the accident from every angle you can think of. Make sure you have photos of both vehicles, their position on the road, any skid marks as well as the actual road condition

As the victim in a car accident you will have a far better chance of receiving the proper compensation when you hire a skilled car accident attorney in Miami.

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