Alternative Methods of Maintaining Shaw Carpet in Chicago

Carpets are loved and used in many homes. This is because of the beauty they bring in a house. Most homeowners, however, are always at pains to clean their carpets efficiently. If you own a Shaw Carpet in Chicago, you should know that using a vacuum cleaner is not the only kind of cleaning method to use. In fact, some carpets’ fabric structure is weakened significantly by continuous use of a vacuum cleaner on them. Below are alternative methods that you can adopt to clean your carpets:

Hot water extraction

Studies have shown that this method of carpet cleaning is by far the most efficient. Hot water is able to dislodge any foreign materials on a carpets fabric easily. You should, however, consult with the manufacturer of your carpet to know the appropriate temperature of the water to use on your carpet. Very hot water might damage the fabric of your carpet causing it to lose shape.

Spot and stain removal

This is a method whereby you identify stains on the carpet and remove them using a wet clothing and soapy water. In as much as this method can eliminate visible spots from the carpet, it is tedious to complete. It may also cause your carpet to have uneven cleanliness that might lower its aesthetic value.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaner

A professional carpet cleaner is trained on how to remove dirt from a carpet using recommended chemicals in a speedy and efficient manner. The professionals are expensive to hire and should, therefore, be hired in cases where the carpet needs serious cleaning. The professional should use odorless chemicals that are fire resistant in order to ensure safety of your home.

It goes without saying that a Shaw Carpet in Chicago is quite hard to maintain. You should try to clean it by yourself before calling in the experts. In case you are completely unable to clean your carpet effectively, you can hire professional carpet cleaners from a reputable company. Such a company should be of the caliber of visit us website. This is a company that is committed to ensuring customers satisfaction through offering them state of the art services.

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