The Properties And Qualities Of Epoxy Powder Coating

When it comes to powder coatings, the reasons vary. In general, the intent is to protect the component of item. Manufacturers are always looking for ways to improve the overall quality of their items and parts. Coatings are an easy way to accomplish a number of tasks including

 * Improved Appearance
 * Abrasion resistant
 * Durability
 * Enhanced efficiencies

While companies now have access to different types of coatings, one form that is popular – particularly among producers whose products or components will face tough environmental situations, is an epoxy powder coating.

What Are Epoxy Powder Coatings?

Powder coatings generally fall into one of two categories:

1. Thermoplastic Coatings: Essentially, this means that the powder will melt and flow like a liquid after heating. When the powder cools, it will solidify. In this state, it will continue to have the same chemical composition it did prior to the actions

2. Thermoset Coatings: Thermosets are solid resins. When they are melted due to heat, they will flow, however, they do not remain an entity unto themselves like thermoplastics. Instead, they can crosslink with the substrate or another resin to produce a compound. After it has set or cured, the coating will remain stable, very resistant to further melting processes.

The second category is the most common coating type of the two among finishing companies. Epoxy powder coatings are a thermoset powder coating. They are a hard resin that has many desirable attributes. Finishing companies apply them to a substrate to improve the impact resistance of the component. They create a hard, durable surface capable of withstanding various impact forces. At the same time, the process achieves two other benefits: corrosion resistance and adhesion.

Other characteristics demanded from coatings for the electrical business include:

 * Decent electrostatic charging properties
 * Excellent transfer efficiency
 * Altogether, the qualities of epoxy powder coatings make them useful in diverse industrial applications.
 * Applications for Epoxy Powder Coatings
 * Industrial uses for an epoxy powder coating abound. Typical applications include:
 * Appliances
 * Automotive Underbody components
 * Ceiling Panels
 * Concrete reinforcing bars
 * Display Shelving
 * Heaters
 * Household Goods
 * Instrument Casings
 * Internal Vehicle Components
 * Metal Furniture
 * Pipeline Construction – for protecting steel pipes
 * Piping connection components e.g. valves
 * Sports Equipment
 * Wirework

In many instances, the use of epoxy powder coating produces in many products a pleasing appearance. This coating comes in matt, semi-gloss and gloss.

Epoxy Powder Coating

Epoxy powder coatings are specifically formulated to provide the substrates they cover with hard durable protective finishes. They imbue their components with the characteristics of chemical resistance and excellent adhesion. If you have a product that can benefit from such qualities, do not hesitate to contact a finishing company who understands the benefits and shortcomings of an epoxy powder coating.

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