The Professional Paving Contractors in IL Can Make Concrete and Asphalt Repairs Unnoticeable

Any concrete or blacktop paving and repairs are the specialty of the experienced workers at Professional Paving Contractors in IL. Pavement repairs and maintenance are essential to keep property looking good. Nothing looks better than a completely re-coated blacktop driveway leading up to a stately white home, or to a small home which needs a bit of glamor.

ASPHALT driveways can get old and they look it. They may develop cracks and look light colored as if they were bleached. The cracks distract from the looks of the driveway and the home. The correction of this problem is easy to do; just hot fill the cracks and re-coat the driveway with an asphalt sealer. It may be necessary to fill the crack with a foam filler and then fill the crack with the hot fill asphalt. This process will apply to driveways, streets, parking lots and any other place where asphalt has been put down.

Professional Paving Contractors in IL can lay an asphalt garage floor, a patio. a pole barn floor, retaining walls and a number of other home construction projects such as footings. Each project is accomplished with the experience of workers who have been doing this work for many years.

CONCRETE PROJECTS are undertaken with the greatest experience and the range of projects which can be done in concrete are considerable beginning with:

1. Driveways
2. Sidewalks
3. Parking Lots
4. Stoops
5. Curbs
6. Storm drain repair
7. Gutters
8. Patios
9. New garage slabs

Each of these projects are executed with your total agreement on the concrete, the design, and the engineering recommendations if required. Concrete is a product that is mixed with specific ratios of cement, sand, gravel and water. Any change in the ratio will result in a different concrete so a specific contract will be made with the customer stipulating the ratio of each and the mixing time. A1 Pavement Maintenance can ensure the proper mix for any repair.

If the concrete mix is delivered in a truck which continues to mix while it is moving toward the delivery site, then you will have a mix which represents the product you want. Different mix ratios result in the different durability of the product.


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