Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in New Port Richey, FL When You Suffer from a Fall

All public businesses are required to keep their premises safe at all times. If floors have been recently mopped, the business owners or staff are required to place signs in clear view warning consumers that floors may be slick and hazardous. However, this safety step may be forgotten or simply not considered to be a necessary precaution. Unfortunately, this is exactly how slips and falls in public businesses occur. When accidents like this happen, it is the full responsibility of the business to provide the injured person with compensation for the injuries. However, it is not always easy to get a business to pay for expenses they are responsible for. When this happens, it will take the help of a personal injury lawyer in New Port Richey, FL to provide legal representation and win the rightful compensation for the injured person in court.

When you visit the personal injury lawyer in New Port Richey, FL, you will want to provide him with all the information of how the accident occurred. If there are any people who witnessed you fall, he will need their names because it may be helpful to have them testify in court. The attorney will discuss what needs to be done to increase the likelihood of winning your case. This consultation will be free of charge and will help you know what needs to be done next to get your case started. In fact, you will not have to pay your attorney anything until you have won your case. This option makes it much more affordable for those who may now be so severely injured that they are unable to work at their usual place of employment. Once the case has been won, your attorney will receive a percentage of your settlement amount.

If you have recently been injured in a public place due to the negligence of the owner, you may want to consider taking this situation to court. To find out more about the attorneys in New Port Richey, FL who specialize in these cases,

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