The Process Involved During Septic System Installation In Findlay, Ohio

If a home is not located in an area that has a sanitary sewer system, the owner will need to use a septic system to handle any waste that is created. Septic System Installation in Findlay Ohio is a somewhat complicated process, but once the job is complete, the system will provide years of reliable use. The following takes a look at what is involved when installing a septic system and why it is a job that must be completed by a licensed professional.

System Design and Permits

The first step is to design the system so it meets all regulations and will cause the least impact on the local landscape. Once the design is drafted, it will need to be submitted to the local building office for approval. Once approved, the office will issue a permit that will allow the septic tank installation to begin, though most building offices will require an inspection of the installation before it may be used.

Tank and Drainage Field Installation

Next, an excavator will be used to dig out the dirt where the tank and drainage field will be installed. The tank will be lowered into the ground, and the various drainage channels will be connected to it. After the components are inspected and approved, the area will be filled with dirt. It is important to never drive or park an excessively heavy vehicle over the area where a septic system is installed.

Main Sewer Connection and Testing

To complete Septic System Installation in Findlay Ohio, the technicians will run the main sewer line from the house and into the sewer holding tank. They will then flush a substantial amount of water into the system to ensure that the water is flowing freely and any excess is exiting through the drainage field.

The process of installing a septic tank is daunting, but a professional will utilize their knowledge and skill to make it as stress-free as possible. Bluffton Aeration Services is a leading provider of commercial and residential septic equipment and offers installation and repair services. Contact them today to learn more and take the first step in addressing any septic tank issues. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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