Cool Down with Air Conditioning in Naples, FL

Summer heat is wonderful when you’re lying next to a sparkling pool or walking the length of a beach. But, when your home is the same temperature as your weekend beach plans, everyday household activities become extremely uncomfortable and even dangerous to your health.

Whether you are looking to install central air conditioning into your home or looking for more information regarding the current air conditioner that you have, it is important to stay informed about all options. Air conditioning in Naples, FL is not only a commodity, it is a necessity. With temperatures pushing as hot as 100 degrees, simply vacuuming a home without air conditioning can lead to heatstroke and serious health problems.

Air Conditioning Options

Five categories are common when it comes to types of air conditioning or improving energy efficiency.

1. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) products are usually the first items you will look at when considering installing or replacing central air for your home.

2. General maintenance is typical at every major air conditioning servicer. They can evaluate your home for efficiency, or repair any filters that have become dirty or clogged.

3. Most air conditioning servicers also provide energy efficient insulation options. Most commonly, a layer of insulation is added to your attic or roof to create a barrier against the sun’s hot rays.

4. All servicers provide air duct cleanings to improve the flow of air conditioning in your home. This helps break down any microbial growth on the hard surfaces inside your ducts.

5. Usually, you can ask your servicer to seal your home ducts from small leaks that bring in dirt and outdoor air. Once small leaks are sealed, clean air is flowing throughout your house, free from dust, mold or other pollutants.

Each air conditioning servicer, such as Holiday A/C Inc., will have varying services offered, so be sure to ask what measure you can take to make your home cooler and more cost efficient.

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