The Primary Reasons for Hiring a Chicago Lawyer for License Reinstatement

The municipal court does not take the decision to suspend drivers’ licenses lightly. In fact, judges weigh the results of this action against the disadvantages of allowing drivers to keep their driving privileges. It is only when the good of the public is at risk when judges typically revoke someone’s license.

Because of the weight of that decision, it can be challenging to reverse it if you were to approach the judge on your own. By hiring a lawyer who is familiar in secretary of state hearings in Chicago, petitioners can make the best case to the court and increase the likelihood of having driving privileges reinstated.

Making the Best Case in Court

When it comes to appearing in secretary of state hearings, Chicago defendants have a limited opportunity to argue in their own best interests. The judge will give you a matter of minutes to explain why you deserve to have your license back and what you have done to earn back the privilege of driving.

If you were to appear on your own, you can get nervous and frazzled. By having a lawyer argue for you, you can make a more sensible case and present it in the time frame that the judge allots to you.

Presenting Evidence

The judge will want to know what actions you have taken to improve your driving behavior. These actions can involve completing a defensive driving course or undergoing drug or alcohol rehabilitation. You must bring proof that you have completed these measures on your own.

Your lawyer can show the court certificates of completion or reports from your therapist or doctor. This evidence could be enough to win back your driver’s license.

You can find out more about hiring an available license reinstatement attorney online. Contact Johnson & Goldrich P.C. or visit our website.

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