Chicago Car Owners Should Check Out These Common Audi Mechanical Issues

Knowledge is power, and this is definitely true for vehicle owners who want their cars to last for years. Knowing what is typically wrong with Audi models is a good place to start. The following are some things that can affect these models and require Audi repair in Chicago.

Coolant Problems

Most Audi issues are preventable as long as you keep up with maintenance, but that is not always possible. One issue that typically shows up on Audis is a coolant leak.

You will likely see the leak right under your vehicle. The scent of the liquid is a little sweet, and this leak can get worse if you continue to ignore it. Keep in mind that coolant helps keep everything in your engine from overheating, so taking care of it is just wise.

Oil Leaks

Another reason you might need Audi repair in Chicago is because of an oil leak. This is a common problem that Audi owners have to deal with from time to time. You will need to take your car in so that it can be looked at by professionals.

This issue is sometimes as simple as a loose cap, but there are other instances in which the issue is more complicated. It is important to not postpone dealing with this issue because oil loss means some of the components in your engine may not be lubricated as they should be, and that could cause a bigger problem later.

Engine Misfires

Some Audi owners also notice engine misfires. Misfires happen for all sorts of reasons. It sometimes has something to do with malfunctioning ignition coils, but sometimes it’s just a bad fuel injection. When a misfire occurs, you should check into Audi repair in Chicago.

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