The Place to Find the Best Salvage Part is Auto Salvage Parts in Central Oklahoma

Buying automotive parts from an auto salvage company has many advantages for the consumer and for the environment. Al’s Auto Salvage carries recycled vehicle parts made since 1995. This company is computerized so the part you want can be located nationally if it is not in the Salvage Company’s stock. This national part locating service can search over 3,500 salvage companies located almost anywhere in the country to find the part you are looking for. The system will respond to you within seconds when your part is found. You can receive a history of the part as well as the price. A buyer can browse an online inventory and find the part without climbing over a group of rusted out cars looking for a part that may not be there. Get in touch with Al’s Auto Salvage for more information!

Auto Salvage Parts in Central Oklahoma will arrange to have the part shipped to you, and many of the parts they carry have a 90 day guarantee, and longer warranties are available on some parts. The parts are really in good condition, and they can be described as Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer replacement parts. Auto Salvage Parts in Central Oklahoma has 50 years of experience in the auto salvage business and it knows how to sort out the very good parts for recycling. This experience assures you of receiving the best quality parts.

The buyer can purchase almost any part including engines and transmissions at a considerable savings over the prices paid at the dealer. Some of the parts may be re-manufactured to make them usable, and this process provides jobs for many people. The effort required to take parts out of a car that has been wrecked or is being junked also provides jobs for people. All of these people are skilled at spotting good usable parts for re-manufacturing or recycling.

Eventually, the vehicles at Auto Salvage Parts in Central Oklahoma are ready for the final act of scrapping after they have been stripped of every usable part. Many parts are sent to other recycling centers such as aluminum smelters for later melting and turning into other products. Amazingly, most of the aluminum ever produced is still in use today because aluminum can be recycled over and over again. Old automobiles provide one of the top three quantities of recycled aluminum. Visit for more information!

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