The Place To Call When Considering An SUV in Salt Lake City

Many people choose buying an SUV as opposed to regular cars for many compelling reasons. One big reason is the safety found in a four-wheel drive means of transportation during the snowy winter months. This is a big reason people choose an SUV in Salt Lake City . Others like the larger towing and cargo carrying capacities. Whatever the reason, a person choosing to buy an SUV needs to ponder a few factors.

One of the biggest decisions an SUV buying consumer needs to consider is financing. Many people choose to lease their SUV as opposed to getting a car loan. First off, most leases require a smaller down payment than buying a car outright. Another consideration is the monthly lease payment. Lease payments are usually less than a monthly auto loan payment. These two factors enable people to choose a vehicle they might not qualify for through a traditional auto loan. Another reason people choose leasing is commitment. Most leases are for a term of 24 to 36 months. This let’s a person turn in their SUV every two or three years, and get a new SUV with a new lease. Many people prefer to always drive a newer vehicle, and a lease gives them this ability.

Then, there are people who want to own their SUV outright through an auto loan. The major benefit of a traditional car loan is ownership. After their loan is paid off, there will be no more payments and they own their SUV. Another reason to consider buying an SUV outright is miles driven per year. People in leases have mileage restrictions. They are only allowed to drive a certain number of miles per year, or pay a per mile surcharge for each mile they exceed their limit. The average mileage limit per year is between 10,000 and 15,000 miles. A person owning their SUV does not have a mileage restriction.

Buying an SUV in Salt Lake City is one of the biggest purchases a person makes in their life. This is why many people in Northern Utah call National Auto Plaza. The staff at both locations help customers make informed decisions about their SUV purchase.

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