The Many Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is much like other vitamins is that a small quantity of it can help to improve the overall functioning of your body. Many people use this vitamin as a remedy for just about anything, with varying amounts of success. In most cases, when a patient has a severe cold or allergies, a doctor will recommend increased doses of Vitamin C for a boost to the immune system. Whether you buy over the counter or Make Your Own Supplements, having a daily dose of vitamin C can help to improve various parts of your body. The following are a few of the many benefits of vitamin C.

Beneficial For Skin Conditions

One of the biggest benefits of taking regular doses of vitamin C is that it can help to clear up unsightly skin conditions. Most of the moisturizers and other face products on the market are made using vitamin C. This vitamin has been known to help reduce the amount of wrinkles on the face and it can improve the overall elasticity of the skin. Another benefit of vitamin C on the skin is that it helps to protect it from UV rays, which can be quite damaging on the skin.

Promotes Rapid Healing of Wounds

Another benefit of using vitamin C is that it can help to produce more collagen in the body, which is essential in the healing process. Increased collagen in the body helps to restore connective tissue that has been damaged due to strains or tears. Ingesting high doses of vitamin C can also help in the fusion of bones after they are broken and can aid in the healing of deep wounds. In most cases, a surgeon will recommend their patients up their dosage of vitamin C following a surgery, to aid in a speedy recovery.

Improved Blood Flow

For people who suffer with Angina or regular chest pains, finding a relief for this discomfort can be hard for them. One of the best ways to reduce the occurrence of chest pains is by taking a daily dose of vitamin C because it helps to increase blood flow in your body. This will help to open the blood vessels around the heart, which will in turn reduce the amount of pain that you have. Many cardiologists recommend that their patients take daily doses of vitamin C because of the many health and heart benefits it can provide.


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