Assault Rifles by Airsoft: Bringing Action to Life

The world of replica assault rifles that are functional has indeed come a long way in recent years. There is perhaps no better example of this than the line of Airsoft assault rifles that are currently available to the action enthusiast and the general consumer alike. Ideal for both adolescents and adults, these models have truly come to redefine the industry and the sheer variety of models that there are to choose from will satisfy even the most discerning of tastes. So, let us look at this category of rifles in a bit more detail.

A Choice of Mechanisms

Currently, Airsoft offers well over seven hundred different assault rifle models to choose from. As can be expected, the way that these machines are powered will differ slightly. The two main design types are those that are powered by gas (carbon dioxide) canisters and those that propel a pellet or plastic BB by the use of an electric battery. The gas-powered Airsoft assault rifles can be thought of as the traditional “bb gun” type mechanism while those electrically driven are modern and will be tend to offer more longevity. Most Airsoft assault rifles can be fired at fully automatic; thus adding more realism to their operation. Additionally, the “pop” that will accompany the sound of the projectile leaving the barrel helps to add a bit more realism into game play.

An Unsurpassed Realism

As is one of the hallmarks of the Airsoft company, these rifles are extremely realistic in their design. All are measured to the specifications of their real-world counterparts and this exacting nature is what has allowed the company to prove highly popular amongst consumers. Such amenities as flip-up iron sights, functional scopes and retractable magazines are but a few of the features that allow these assault rifles to represent the latest trends in hobbyist technology. If we combine these features with a field-proven durability, their advantages become all but clear. So, players of this growing sport can expect to enjoy a lifelike experience that would only be otherwise mirrored in live combat.


Of course, there are numerous makes and models to choose from. As the years progress, there will be an even larger selection available through online portals and traditional retailers. Still, Airsoft manufactures some of the most recognizable assault rifles in the world. A handful of these will include such designs as:

  • The Tactical AK74U
  • The MP5
  • The M16A4
  • The AK47
  • The M4A1 Carbine
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