The Legal Mission Of Personal Injury Attorneys In New Haven

Personal Injury Attorneys in New Haven establish fault in legal proceedings to enable you to receive compensation and to prevent further individuals from becoming injured. With the growing number of DUI-related automobile accidents, it is probable that new laws will surface that enforce stricter punishments for this crime. It is through the increase in litigation proceedings that lead to a need for new laws. When these cases are on the rise, law makers and the public become more aware of the potential risks to other drivers, and enforcement methods begin to change in the process.
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DUI and Personal Injury

In DUI cases, there is a higher probability that an injury may occur. When a driver chooses to drive while impaired he or she is not only placing themselves and their own passengers at risk but also placing other drivers at risk. When you are injured during a DUI-related accident, it is probable that you will have to wait for the conclusion of criminal proceedings before you get your day in court. However, the heightened awareness of the public about these issues may present a window of opportunity for a personal injury lawyer to present the public need in court as well as the needs of the victim in question.

Personal Injury Lawyer

Riefe Tietjen Attorney at Law offers numerous legal services which include personal injury representation. Among these areas of practice are real estate, probate, mediation, and family law. If you have a viable claim in one of these categories or need representation in similar areas, you may contact this attorney to schedule an appointment.


Personal-injury lawyers may increase awareness for limited laws that are outdated by presenting more litigation cases that relate to such occurrences. This is a prominent reason for some of the DUI laws that exist today. As more drivers become injured in DUI-related accidents, the public becomes more aware of potential problems, which force the hand of lawmakers to produce a change. Although it is the mission of a personal injury attorney to represent one victim, he or she may, in fact, open the door for others who have also been injured.


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