Important Things To Know About A Bail Bond in Pueblo

If you know of anyone who has been arrested and placed in jail or you have yourself, you well know the importance of a bail bond in Pueblo. Depending on the case, the judge will set a bond that will have to be paid in order for someone to be released from jail before the appointed court date. If a violent crime has been committed, a bail amount may or may not be set. Depending on the circumstances, the suspect, and the nature of the case, will determine if a person receives bond or not. One thing a judge considers when considering bail is the likelihood of the person as a flight risk. In other words, will the person show up for their case or not is the question? For most non-violent crimes, a bail amount will be set.

Once the bail is determined, the person may be able to pay the amount without staying in custody for long. However, for those who are unable to pay the bail amount, a bail bondsman is often needed. The bail bondsman will pay the bail amount set by the judge on behalf of the person. When this happens, the person is set free until their court date. However, showing up for one’s court date is necessary to keep that bail in effect. If the person fails to show up for their court date, a warrant is issued for their arrest and the bails bondman puts out a bounty on the person who has skipped out on the court, and on the bail bondsman. The bail bondsman has paid the bail bond in Pueblo for the person to be released from jail in agreement that they show up for their court date. If the person doesn’t, the bails bondman has lost money.
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However, if the person shows up for their court date, the money is refunded to the bondsman. If the person doesn’t show up, the court does not return the money. If this happens, the bails bondsman will put out a bounty to literally hunt down the defendant. If you need a bondsman, there are plenty of them available near the courthouse. Some of them will require some money or payment on your part. Some will provide cash or require collateral, if you have any assets that can be used as collateral.


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