The Importance Of Puppy Schools In Chicago

When most dog owners look at the adorable ball of fluff puppy they’ve just brought home, they can’t imagine it ever causing any trouble. Fast forward six months and that adorable ball of fluff has grown into a dog and unfortunately, has either been banished to the backyard due to his unruly behavior or worse yet, been surrendered to the pound. Of course, this is the fault of the owner for not accepting the responsibility agreed upon when they brought home their puppy. Puppies are like toddlers, they need to be watched at all times, must have clear boundaries yet times of play and socialization. Without these, the puppy may grow into an anxious, fearful or aggressive dog that can’t be controlled by his owners, thus destined to spend his life tied to a chain in the backyard or unfortunately euthanized at the pound. Of course, much of this can be prevented if the owner understands the importance of Puppy Schools in Chicago. Puppy School and the early socialization it affords, is essential to ensuring the puppy grows up friendly, not anxious or aggressive around strangers or other dogs.

Puppy Schools in Chicago are not dog training, in the obedience sense. Puppy schools are set up to socialize the pups and allow them to become comfortable in various situations. This is the first step to dog obedience training and having a dog that is an enjoyable part of the family, one that is able to be controlled and trusted around other people and animals. Imagine a small child starting school and he’s never been around other children or out of their home before. That child would be at a huge disadvantage and most likely, that disadvantage, manifest as anxiety and social awkwardness, would be damaging socially for life. It’s the same with a puppy. Early socialization is important to ensure a well balanced, well-adjusted dog.

Most dog obedience schools offer Puppy classes and will invite the viewer to “browse our website” to learn more about what type classes are offered. Take the time to look into this important socialization for puppies. Having a well-socialized dog is important for the well being of the dog and owner alike.

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