The Importance of a Chicago Pedestrian Accident Lawyer for Claim Disputes

by | Apr 26, 2022 | Law Service

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Hiring a Chicago pedestrian accident lawyer is particularly important when an automotive insurance company believes a claimant is partly at fault for being struck by a car. The insurer might offer a settlement that doesn’t cover all the expenses or refuse to pay any compensation.

Modified Comparative Negligence

For instance, the pedestrian might have been crossing a busy street when the traffic light was advising, “don’t walk.” The person might have tried darting across the street far from a crosswalk. Under Illinois state law, an injured person’s compensation can be decreased if he or she is partly at fault. In legal terms, this is known as modified comparative negligence.

Worst Risk Factors

Pedestrians hit by a vehicle can suffer serious injuries. Elderly men and women are more vulnerable. So are children and other relatively small individuals. Pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles generally are more harmful to people on foot than cars are. Worse injuries tend to result when drivers are speeding or intoxicated. A driver who turns right without stopping when the light is red might not see someone in the crosswalk.

Getting a Lawyer Involved

A Chicago pedestrian accident lawyer is familiar with these factors. Pedestrians who survive these accidents may need months to heal and could suffer permanent disability. If they are not offered reasonable compensation, they need professional legal representation.

Insurance adjusters know that a lawsuit becomes more likely once a lawyer is involved. They want to avoid that possibility since juries are unpredictable. To learn more, please visit Shea Law Group now.

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