An Innovative Education Plan in Elementary Schools in the Wittman, AZ Area

Offering students a variety of programs, activities, as well as options outside the classroom, are crucial to a student’s success. This academy believes that by developing the whole child, meaning through individual character growth as well as stimulating them academically, they are much more likely to succeed down the line.

Research shows that students truly flourish when they are engaged on a personal level and school is designed to their specific academic sensibilities. This academy stands out compared to other elementary schools across Wittman, AZ because of its dedication to transparency for both students and parents. For example, students and parents can expect early and ongoing assessments that keep track of factors such as challenges a student may be experiencing, as well as hurdles that a student has overcome.

Assessment is a very reliable way to consistently keep track of learning patterns. The school often takes this information received by their student body and utilizes it to develop curriculums that meet the needs of specific students. This ideology expands outside the classroom as well to extracurricular activities such as athletics and the performing arts, as well as program goals that emphasize improving study habits and building ideas related to personal responsibility.

Transparency is a goal for teachers as well, as the academy prides itself on openly discussing matters related to salaries and budgeting goals. Here, success is a complex, nuanced matter that calls for a more expansive, curriculum design that develops thinking both inside and outside the classroom.