The Features Of The Reliance DC Motor MC4013ATZ

There are many different models and options in DC motors, many of which are used as general use motors in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. One of the most commonly used sizes of motors for these types of applications is the Reliance DC motor MC4013ATZ.

There are several reasons why the Reliance DC motor MC4013ATZ continues to be the go-to motor for a wide range of application. It is durable, reliable and provides a solid motor with a proven track record of operation even in challenging environmental and working conditions.

Features and Advantages

The motor has a rugged design and offers the horsepower needed on even the most demanding jobs. It has a laminated square frame to allow it to mount easily to any equipment or system required. This particular frame size works with the 75 horsepower motor for base speeds of up to 500 RPM, as well as for the 100 horsepower at 500 RPM and the 125 and 150 horsepower at 650 RPM. Higher base speeds and horsepowers can also be accommodated, with the manufacturer providing exact specifications.

The company offers a permanent magnet DC motor design, which are known for a long life cycle, low maintenance requirements and outstanding durability.

The motor can be configured to work with a tachometer, increasing the versatility and use of the motor in a wider range of applications. There are also a variety of horsepower options offered in the line of Baldor-Reliance motors that are similar to this motor, allowing for the c
Reducing Costs

Common applications for this motor include use for conveyors, machine tools and extruding systems as well as in the printing and processing industries. The cost of these motors is significant, and a wise choice is to opt for a reconditioned Reliance DC motor MC4013ATZ that is provided with a warranty and certification for the reconditioning process.

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