The Advantages Of Purchasing A Refurbished DC Motor

When it comes to electric motors used for heavy duty types of applications and systems, most companies opt for the use of DC motors. There are two options to consider when buying a DC motor, one is to purchase a new motor, and the other is to purchase a refurbished motor.

A refurbished or reconditioned electric motor is used, but it is also fully broken down, inspected, and repaired to OEM standards using quality parts and components. It is also fully tested before being sold, and the top companies offering refurbished motors should clean and paint the motor, so it looks and performs like a brand new motor.

The top sellers offer refurbished or reconditioned motors with a warranty, which can provide coverage for component failure in the DC motor for up to one year from the time of purchase. With the long duty cycle of these motors and the care taken during the refurbishing process, they are a top investment for any commercial or industrial application.

Ability to Replace the Same Motor

There are many different variables to consider when replacing an existing DC motor. In choosing an identical refurbished motor, rather than a different motor, the entire replacement process is much easier.

The replacement motor is the same model, which means it will have the same specifications, size, and even the motor housing. It is as simple as removing the old and installing the replacement, eliminating the need to modify or reconfigure the system to accommodate a new motor option.

Cost Savings

In addition to an easy replacement process with a quality motor, a refurbished motor is going to be substantially less cost than a new motor. This cost saving can be significant, both in the motor as well as the installation services required.

It is also essential to calculate the impact of downtime while configuring and installing a brand new motor. These factors all combined to make a refurbished electric motor a very wise choice.

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