The Different Types of Tube Assembly

Tube assembly is found in countless environments from science laboratories to hydraulic equipment. There is an assortment of different materials used, depending upon the purpose and type of equipment which uses this system. The tubing generally serves as a supplier of liquid or gas to other components within the system and serves as a vital part of the operation.

Types of Tube Assembly

Rigid tube assembly is generally made from copper, brass or other metals. More flexible options include hose tubing often made from polymers and less commonly those which are made of glass. Some systems call for a hybrid version which includes both rigid and hose assembly systems.

Advantages of Rigid Tubing

The metal used in rigid tubing is a more economical setup as it is generally longer lasting and less expensive to manufacture. This type of bent tubing provides superior heat dissipation, is more light weight, can handle higher pressure levels and unfriendly environmental conditions, and holds up better than hose systems. Stainless steel is the most durable of all of the tube assembly materials and is preferred for high pressure condition, while copper is the ideal metal for lower pressure conditions. It is also more resistant to the vibrations which are generated during equipment operation over hose tubing.

Disadvantage of Carbon Steel Tubing

This rigid tubing is susceptible to damage when used with corrosives and may not be as durable an option. As with every other option, there are pros and cons to be considered. For example, hose tubing would be more ideal than using metal tubing assembly when manufacturing for a hydraulic system. An additional caution when using a metal tubing assembly is that extra care must be given in the design of tube assemblies to ensure the connecting sections match up precisely with the ports in which they are attached, to avoid excess stress on the fittings which are welded to the tube. This is particularly important when vibration is a factor as cracks and weakening can develop. Therefore it’s much simpler to use a more flexible material instead.

Hybrid Tube Assemblies

The combination of hose tubing and more rigid metal assemblies can help to address the areas of disadvantage presented by both, and in some situations it’s the most ideal option. This is dependent upon the design of the machinery in use and its intended purposes.

Tube Assembly Manufacturers

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