Make Life Easier With Carabiner Badge Reels

If you don’t have a desk job and are constantly moving around, lifting things, and perhaps even getting into strange positions to do your job then carabiner badge reels are a great idea. These are small, compact and durable, designed to last through tough use and still keep your ID right where it is supposed to be.

They are a secure option to a traditional badge reel. With carabiner badge reels you can also easily attach them to just about any type of lanyard, belt, keychain, and shirt or even to backpacks, bags and other types of equipment.

Practical Convenience of Carabiner Badge Reels

Since the catch or the securing end of the badge reel is a carabiner this is not a badge reel that will simply slide, slip or pull off of whatever you attach it to. It has definite advantages over the clip options that can easily be jostled, bumped or knocked off.

In addition, they will move with the body, so that they will not dig into a person if they have to twist, move or turn while wearing their badges. This is a great idea for those that have active jobs such as nurses or EMTs and even those that work in security or in jobs where security is an important factor. Since the badges are difficult to knock off or remove from the clothing or lanyards there are far less problems with missing identification.

The Benefits of Retractable Badge Reels

To really make life easy adding to the carabiner the advantage of retractable badge reels and you have a perfect combination. Staff can attach the carabiner where they want it to stay and then simply use the retractable cord to swipe cards or display identification when needed. Some of the badges offer a full 34 inches of cord in a very compact reel that will last for as many as one hundred thousand uses.

Without having to constantly search for ID, and without long lanyards that may pose safety issues in a most workplaces, these are the ideal badge holder. At Badge Express there are a number of different options, colors, styles and shapes to choose from, ensuring you can find just the right one for your next order.

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