The Construction Accident Attorney in Nassau County NY is the Attorney You Need After a Construction Accident

Construction accidents often result in serious and prolonged injuries. The medical bills can accumulate quickly, and your lost income can add up to a problem for you and your family. The injuries in some cases can cause the loss of a limb and any medical problems are cause for retaining a Construction Accident Attorney in Nassau County NY immediately.

The attorney will begin to examine the accident scene for evidence of the cause of the accident. He will look for OSHA violations and careless actions which create dangers for people. He will interview witnesses and the EMS crew if one was called. An important part of the attorney’s investigation will be looking for unsafe conditions that are in violation of governmental codes and OSHA regulations.

Your attorney will do a thorough job of examining your medical records so he will have a complete understanding of the issues you are facing now and in the future. Your medical condition will indicate how long you will be unable to resume normal life activities.

Your attorney will investigate the construction company for past violations and accidents which the company caused through negligence. This will be important information to have because if the company has a history of construction accidents, it indicates a careless business. Certainly, any history of negligence at a construction site will help your case, because it shows a predisposition toward unsafe practices.

The attorney may ask for an expert in the type of injury you suffered to give an opinion on your condition and the prognosis for your future. Any settlement will depend upon this information. It might not be wise to settle too quickly if you may have ongoing medical problems or problems which surface later without warning.

You may need extensive rehabilitation and the money to pay for this must be part of any settlement. Your family is entitled to compensation for what they have gone through, and you deserve compensation for all of the pain and suffering you have and will endure in the future.

The Construction Accident Attorney in Nassau County NY will know how to structure a settlement proposal, and if this is rejected, he will be a very aggressive trial attorney. The Law Offices of Mark T. Freeley may be the attorney to talk with.

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