Five Common Allergies

Allergies are something that many people suffer from. Some people are more sensitive than others. If you talk to an allergist in Elizabeth Town KY, she or he will tell you that common symptoms are:

1. Itchy eyes

2. Irritated skin

3. Sneezing

4. Congestion of the nasal cavities

5. Running nose

6. Breathing problems

7. Headaches

8. Wheezing

9. Rashes

What are Allergies?

By talking to an allergist at Accredited Asthma Allergy & Food Intolerance Center in Elizabethtown KY, you can discover exactly what allergies are and what causes them. According to allergists and allergy specialists, the system is responding to allergens. These are substances generally not harmful to your body. Yet, if your immune system is sensitive or compromised, it will react to these allergens in a physical manner.

Common Allergies

Your body may react to a wide variety of allergens. According to a professional allergist, some substances cause reactions more commonly than do others. Whether you live in Elizabethtown KY or New York NY, chances are you know someone who has an allergic reaction to one of the following substances. These comprise the 5 most common allergies in the United States.

1. Food Allergies – Both children and adults can fall prey to food allergies. Sometimes, children will β€œgrow out of” certain food allergies. The most common types of food people have reactions to are: milk, eggs, wheat, soy, peanuts, nuts and seafood.

2. Pollen – These are usually seasonal allergies. Airborne pollen that can affect you include, grass, tree and weed pollen

3. Mold – This is a type of fungus that releases its spores into the air. According to an allergist at Accredited Asthma Allergy & Food Intolerance Center both indoor and outdoor molds can cause allergic symptoms. They can occur seasonally or all year round.

4. Pet Dander – This is a year round allergy, although it can be heightened during shedding seasons. The major cause is the dander but saliva of cats and dogs can also create a reaction.

5. Latex – this is another type of allergy that is common. The body reacts to the protein in the rubber latex.

There are many different ways allergens can enter your system and affect it. Contacting an allergist in Elizabethtown KY or visiting one at an Accredited Asthma Allergy & Food Intolerance Center will help you discover what is triggering your allergies. Whether it is one of the common types or something rarer, you will need to learn more from a specialist. It is the only way you will be able to regain control of your life.

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