The Concept And Science Behind A Top Holistic Pet Food

When it comes to pet food labeling there are a lot of terms that can be confusing and difficult to understand. One of the latest terms that you will see on different bags, cans and containers is holistic pet food. This term, as with many others such as natural, healthy, complete, organic and even combinations of those terms can be used by manufacturers to mean a range of different things.

When a manufacturer that is reputable and responsible uses the term holistic pet food they are referring to a food that is designed to be beneficial to the whole animal. This means that the ingredients are carefully selected, natural and may even be organic.

The Basics of a Top Holistic Pet Food
To know if you are really looking at a holistic pet food it is important to read the label. Besides being free of any chemicals, additives, dyes and being made from foods that do not contain hormones, antibiotics and pesticides there are other things to look for.

Check to see if the ingredients listed contain the words “by-products” a true holistic pet food should not contain by-products and will contain only whole ingredients. It should not contain corn, soy or wheat as these are typically going contain GMOs or genetically modified organisms (foods) that may pose health hazards to both animals as well as humans.

Pet Preference
A holistic pet food can come in many different forms to match your pet’s particular taste and preference. You can find frozen, freeze-dried, raw, kibble, or canned foods that are holistic. They will, if they are not frozen or freeze-dried, contain natural preservatives to protect your pet’s health and ensure the product is safe.

Balanced and Complete
A holistic pet food will be carefully created to meet all your pet’s nutritional needs for a healthy animal. If your companion pet has health issues you may need to consider a special food that addresses any dietary requirements and limits and addresses additional nutritional issues.

Remember that the term holistic is not an industry defined term so it can be used to mean different things by different producers of holistic pet food. Avoid buying based on the term alone and read the label before deciding for yourself if it is a good option for your pet.

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