The chilled experience of river rafting

Man is a social animal who cannot sustain alone. For any major kind of work, motivation and team work are most important. One of the popular adventure sport based on these basic premises is the White Water River Rafting. It is a recreational activity that uses an inflatable raft to navigate rivers or water bodies by group of rafters. It is an extreme sport requiring utmost physical and mental fitness and there are significant health hazards associated with it. The International Rafting Federation is the worldwide apex body that oversees all important crucial aspects of this sport.

In case of rafting, water bodies have been categorized into – very small rough areas, some rough water having rocks, white water bodies with small waves, white water bodies with medium waves, white water bodies with large waves and rapid waves considered dangerous. Rafting is a sport requiring good skills and maneuvering of the raft and knowing the proper techniques of the sport. Certain important techniques here are Punching, High Siding, Capsizing Re-righting, Tricks.

There are quite a few places abroad famous for White River Rafting like Colorado River, Zambezi River, (Victoria Falls), Pacuare River, Futaleufu River, Salmon River’s, North Johnstone River and White Nile. In India, the river Ganga and places in Uttarakhand are ideal. Suitable period for this watery extravaganza is between September-November and March- May. Germany, Switzerland and Czech Republic are good in this sport.

In and out of India there are a number of ackages being offered for this sport BY The site stresses on Safety measures, Costs, duration, best time to go, physical requirements and equipments. The chief ones are riverraftinginrishikesh, whitewaterrafting, aquaterra, riverraftinginIndia, traveltriangle and waterbynature, americanwhitewater, adventurepanama. These white water rafting packages can be customized to suit one’s needs. They also provide for river side camping and allied touring. Such packages are available throughout the year at an affordable price. Bookings can be made online or over phone.

River rafting is one sport that has gained a lot of momentum in the past decade. Getting a good package for the same is something no one can overlook.

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