The Carrier AC Compressor And Sustainability

As many companies strive to become sustainable. Carrier, the manufacturer of the highly recommended and commended Carrier AC compressor, has been involved in this process from its early beginnings. In fact, Willis Carrier, the first manufacturer of air conditioning units, was a leader in sustainable practices. His precise methods of cooling down structures resulted in future savings in energy and other natural resources.

The Central Tenet

While customers may argue the primary tenet of Carrier is to use high-quality materials to produce reasonably priced, durable and reliable compressors for a variety of applications, the company would disagree. While the focus is on the manufacture of a reliable and superior compressor, the intent is to do so as environmentally responsibly as possible. The company states their central tenet is the “preservation of the environment and protecting … finite natural resources.”

The Carrier AC Compressor

Carrier compressors are the product of a proud and fertile history combining inventive approaches and the latest technological innovations. The production of compressors in LEED certified green buildings is one component of an integrated approach to sustainability. Another aspect that directly influences the use of Carrier compressors concerns the refrigerant.

Carrier AC compressors utilize eco-friendly refrigerants. The Carrier compressor models include versions that utilize refrigerants that do not deplete the ozone level. This includes:

* R22
* R32
* R125
* R134A
* R407C

They also work with a specialist (EOS Climate) in ensuring the destruction of refrigerants in a safe, secure and accountable manner.

Carrier AC Compressor

If you are searching for a reputable, reliable, reasonably priced and sustainable AC compressors do consider what Carrier offers. A Carrier AC compressor is not only produced using high-quality materials as environmentally sensitive as possible, but it also provides maximum cooling efficiently and effectively. These are the trademark qualities of a Carrier product. These make it one of the most popular brands on the market today for commercial and residential AC use.

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