All Employers Wish Good Health for Their Employees; How Can You Encourage This?

As a well-researched subject, healthier employees are likely to work more days per year, take fewer, if any, sick days and will probably produce, on average, more work during their average week than some unhealthy employees. How can your corporate dining services promote healthy eating for everyone’s benefit?

Open A Corporate Wellness Program

You may not find it advantageous to only offer extremely healthy food, however unpalatable and suggest that your employees lose weight and run more to encourage a greater energy level at work.

What you can offer is a complete wellness program as part of your corporate dining services. This can be as simple as offering a range of healthy menu selections which are all indicated with a healthy sign on the menu so that employees can recognize the differences between healthy and unhealthy choices.

Where employees purchase food, which is part of the wellness program, you can offer them a healthy eating card, which is punched whenever they purchase from that specific range, with the completion of the card bringing them a reward of further food offers, a T-shirt, or a discount coupon.

Take Time Off Work

As an employer or an employee, you may be bold enough to suggest that working in conjunction with your corporate dining services you can offer rewards which allow extra time away from work while being paid, or entry to a special event, concert or theater tickets.

The key to offering a healthier lifestyle is to offer a wide range of healthy choices from the menu, which should change regularly, so boredom doesn’t become linked to healthy food. Whether it’s a healthy snack or a main meal such as breakfast, there should be an incentive for people to become involved.

You should be careful before considering a competition around weight loss or sick days, but other ideas may be more encouraging and useful.
When your corporate dining services introduce specific price breaks or coupons which are related always to the healthy food options, you begin the training and habit-forming for a healthier lifestyle.

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