The Best Decorating Tips for Atlanta Rentals

When it comes to apartment decorating, it’s important to understand which elements work best together and have the most impact on your living space. If you want to improve your living space, consider the following decorating tips for your Atlanta rentals.

Make the Space Feel Larger

Small apartments can make it hard to find furniture that looks good and fits well. You might want to look for pieces with decorative or substantial legs to use in your design. There are usually legs on furniture that are low to the ground. They let your eye move on from the furniture’s body instead of stopping at its base, which can happen if the furniture is very tall.

When you choose a bed, look for one with shorter legs or even one on the ground to make the ceiling look higher. Putting beds on high legs can cut the room of Atlanta rentals in half. In addition to painting the walls white, painting one accent wall dark can make the room look bigger. This can make a place such as a small studio apartment look bigger, and it can also make the room look bigger.

Use Area Rugs

Use an area rug to distinguish the distinct sections of your rooms if you live in an apartment at a place such as Icon Buckhead with an open floor plan. The rug next to your sofa serves as a gathering spot for friends and family, while the rug next to your bed defines the limits of your bedroom. If you want more clearly defined zones, you can use separators, but an area rug is a more straightforward method.

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