Practical Tips for Hiring the Best Movers in NYC

With hundreds of moves taking place each year across the United States, it’s a small wonder that so many of them go off without a hitch. Of course, excellent movers in NYC must be hired. The question is, how do you know you are hiring the best ones for your next move?

Here are some practical tips to use the next time you are in the market to hire movers in NYC.

Thorough Walk-Through

An estimator who conducts a short walk-through without noting what you want to relocate is likely to be off the mark. A reputable estimator from places such as The Padded Wagon would inquire about the items you intend to move from your current place to your new one. So be ready to inform the estimator which goods you don’t want on the truck—those you want to throw away, donate to a charity, sell, or even leave behind for the new owners.

Take Inventory

A respectable moving company will inventory all of your possessions and assess the bulk and weight of the relocation, either in person or via a virtual survey. The estimator should go through all of your storage options with you, including cupboards, drawers, garages, and bookcases.

The weight of your belongings and how much space they take up in the truck determine a big part of the moving company’s charge. Make sure you understand and that this estimate is as precise as possible.

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