The Benefits of Tree Pruning in Bronx, NY

Trees, although a part of nature, need regular care to ensure their health. Trees in the forest often succumb to disease or pests, yet this doesn’t have to be the case with trees on your property. With the right care, they’ll remain things of beauty for years to come. In addition to regular inspections for pests and disease, you must prune the trees. Although there are certain times of the year when this task is best undertaken, the time may come when you find you need to prune a tree for safety reasons. When this is the case, it’s best to call in a service specializing in tree pruning in Bronx NY for good results.

Tree Pruning in Bronx NY may be necessary to remove any damaged or diseased branches to prevent these problems from spreading throughout the tree. The key to successful Tree Pruning in this situation involves ensuring all damaged or diseased areas are completely removed without taking out more than is absolutely necessary. One thing to remember, however, is this process is best completed before spring growth and care must be taken to ensure the disease isn’t spread.

Another benefit of pruning trees is it helps to improve the form of the tree. When you prune a tree, you are diverting the flow of nourishment from small branches which have appeared to those which are more mature and better defined. This improves the overall health of the tree by making it stronger and better able to withstand the elements. Weather conditions and high winds can damage trees so it’s a smart idea to check your trees any time bad weather moves through the area.

Finally, pruning a tree helps to increase air penetration and light to inner portions of the tree’s crown while also allowing more light to reach the landscape below the tree. This is referred to as thinning and helps to reduce the weight on heavy tree limbs while retaining the natural shape of the tree. The foliage of the tree is opened during this process.

These are just a few of the benefits of pruning trees. If you don’t feel comfortable taking this task on yourself, call a service specializing in tree care. They check the trees on your property and make recommendations as to work to be completed. This is one task you should never put off so call a tree service today.

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