Protecting Your Rug With Antique Rug Restoration In New York City

Antique carpeting is a very popular and unique way to spruce up the look of almost any room. Although many homeowners love the looks provide by these pieces, many are unaware of the steps needed to keep them intact. Antique rugs can be very delicate, which means that they can damage very easily if they’re not taken care of as they should be. Let’s take a look at how you can protect your rug with a service for antique rug restoration in New York City.

Moths are a huge problem for antique rugs. According to many antique rug experts, moths are known as the “silent killers.” Little by little they work on eating away at your rug until the damage becomes too noticeable. One of the best ways you can prevent this from happening is to regularly inspect your rug. You’ll want to inspect the condition of your rug once every three or four months.

When you examine your rug make sure to look for loose fibers that appear different from the abnormal wear and tear most rugs see. You’ll also want to pay attention to trends in the wear and tear. For instance, moths are attracted to certain dyes that are used to make certain colors within rugs. If you notice that certain areas and colors of the rug are seeing more damage, then you’ll know your rug is being attacked by moths.

One way you can prevent the need for antique rug restoration in New York City is to regularly vacuum. High traffic areas should be vacuumed more regularly than low traffic areas. Dust particles can work to embed themselves within the carpet’s fibers. The less often you vacuum your rug the more the fabric of the rug is damaged by the dirt and debris. Aside from regular vacuuming you’ll want to thoroughly clean your rug about once a year or more. Rugs that are cleaned regularly are less likely to be meals for moths.

If you’re noticing that your rug is still being damaged, you should consider visiting a professional restoration service. The Golden Horn has professional servicemen who will work to clear all signs of moth attacks and wear and tear. Areas of the rug will be reconstructed so that the rug’s original look is restored.

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