The Benefits Of The New Subaru Impreza In Frankfort (Your Favorite Car)

It’s no secret that people love Subaru with its safety features and sleek styles. If you want something sporty, that’s good on gas, the new Impreza in Frankfort is your best friend. With AWD that always works, practicality, and money-saving fuel economy, it’s no wonder that people love this car and everything it offers.


Many sedans use all-wheel-drive, though it is usually reserved for heavier cars and trucks that have the weight. With the new Impreza in Frankfort, you get AWD that always works while traditional versions shut off and come back on. This saves you a lot of gas because the vehicle isn’t working harder than it needs to. You will never worry that there will be a delay in power causing a skid or other discouraging situation.


The goal for many is to have a family vehicle that sits four to five people safely and comfortably, without looking like a box or being “uncool.” Parents want to feel powerful when they’re behind the wheel, but they also want something that gets good MPG and can take the whole family on outings with gear. This vehicle does it all because you’ll look great and everyone can pile in.

Fuel Economy

While AWD usually means lower fuel economy and higher costs, this system works differently. Because it’s always working, it doesn’t drag the engine and transmission. You still get one of the highest MPG ratings available without sacrificing comfort and performance.


For those who just can’t stand automatics, you’ll love how they keep bring back a manual transmission that is more efficient and smoother.

The new Subaru Impreza in Frankfort is one of the most fantastic mid-sized sedans available anywhere. Contact Hawk Subaru to check them out and pick your favorite color.

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