Lighting Your Sales Team’s Fire

Sales can be a tough business. Your sales team members are going to have some difficult days, and you need to give them the motivation to keep going. The persistence of your sales team directly impacts your bottom line, and as a sales manager, you need to make sure they are going to give it their all. The most common way that managers will try to get their sales people moving is with compensation. However, there are other effective ways that can work with compensation to keep your sales staff as productive as possible.

Compensation and Commission

Compensation and commission are going to be the main drivers for performance in your sales team. This helps keep a roof over their heads, and it can work towards building prestige. It is well worth the payout to ensure your sales staff is paid accordingly for their results.

Competition and Prestige

While money can help propel your sales staff, you can find other ways to continue to provide motivation. Successful sales personnel are typically driven well with motivation in the form of competition. Friendly competition between sales representatives is a great way to push them to perform their best. It can give them a sense of accomplishment, and also adds to the level of prestige they can achieve in their roles.

Personal Growth

Your sales team needs more than just their paycheck. When your company allows for personal growth of your sales members, you can unlock more of their drive and motivation. Sales training speakers can help them find more about themselves, and fine tune their skills. This provides a different avenue for motivation, separate from the dollar figures.

Sales are an extremely important part of any business, and you have to make sure your team is up on all of the latest tricks and techniques. This is why sales training is important.

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