The Benefits of Teardrop Breast Implants

When you are considering a breast augmentation you want to find the most natural looking breast implants possible. There have been some recent breakthroughs in breast implants including more realistic shapely implants called form stable implants. Because they are firmer, they are available in more natural looking shapes making them the most desirable choice for many women.

Teardrop Breast Implants
In New York tear drop breast implants are the hottest look for breast augmentations. Teardrop breast implants are only available in silicone form stable implants also known as gummy bear implants. They are so named due to their similarity to the consistency of gummy bear candies in that they are firm and solid and can be sliced and still maintain their form. Because of their firmness they can be molded to form more natural looking breasts as opposed to traditional silicone gel that comes in one shape which can give breast implants a more globular appearance.

Firmness and Shapeliness
Many women are discovering the pleasing appearance of teardrop breast implants. In New York they are quickly becoming the most sought after implants however not all surgeons offer them. They are distinctly different for many reasons. Their teardrop shape more accurately matches the natural shape of real breasts which fall with a tapered look due to gravity. The teardrop shape provides a look that mimics nature and is very hard to detect as implants. As well the firmness is unparalleled in form stable implants. Gummy bear implants also provide a smoother look and are less prone to rupture, leak or wrinkles.

Fewer Complications
Because teardrop breast implants used by New York surgeons are not as prone to rupture or leak, they are also less prone to lead to complications. In fact, form stable implants very rarely experience capsular contracture, a reaction of the immune system that can lead to a tightening of the skin that can constrict implants causing them to appear misshapen. Not only does this affect the appearance of breast implants, but can prove to be very painful as well.

When you are considering a breast augmentation procedure teardrop breast implants provide a natural looking solution that will help perfect the look of your body. Fewer complications make gummy bear implants the ideal choice for your augmentation.

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