The Benefits of Contacting a DUI Attorney in Hattiesburg, MS

As we go through our lives, we are bound to make mistakes here and there. Some of these mistakes may have lasting and even legal consequences. One of these mistakes could be driving home after a party when you have had too much to drink. Police have begun to crack down on drunk driving and you could find yourself with a DUI charge.

A DUI charge is very serious and can have many harmful implications. Even if it is your first offense, you could face an insurance rate increase, license suspension, hefty fines, jail time and mandatory enrollment and attendance in an alcohol program. The charge could also hinder your ability to sustain employment because it stays on your record for five years. Visit their website

This is why it is important to seek legal counsel before you plead guilty to a DUI charge. An experienced attorney can review the records from the night that you were arrested. Anytime that you are arrested, it is important that any officers involved follow strict legal protocol. In the event that they did not, you may be able to have the case dropped. This means that the DUI will not be on your record and you will not be tried for the charges. It is extremely important that you contact an attorney prior to putting in a guilty plea. It may seem easier to just plead guilty, but the guilty plea carries many legal and financial ramifications with it.

T Michael Reed in Hattiesburg, MS will review your case and build a plausible Criminal Defense. They will fight to ensure that the DUI charge does not go on your record. These attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable with how the court procedures work and what procedures arresting officers must follow. They will ensure that correct proceedings were followed and none of your legal rights were violated during the arrest. The attorney will review all aspects of the case and do everything in their power to have the charges dropped.

Before you retain an attorney, you should verify that they have experience with cases similar to yours, as well as ensuring they have proper certifications and a strong knowledge of the law. This will ensure that your case is handled professionally and correctly with the best possible outcome for the situation.

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