Bathroom Remodeling in Canton MI Checklist

The first step in a bathroom remodeling project is the planning phase. Homeowners usually have a pretty good idea of what they want from their kitchen and can relate it to bathroom remodeling experts. Before you even start planning your project with professionals, you need a checklist for Bathroom Remodeling in Canton, MI. The following will cover what you should put on your checklist so you have it ready when you consult with your contractor.

1) Time Frame – You need a time frame for your project. You can estimate the time frame and discuss it with your contractor to make sure it’s a viable estimate for this kind of project. Depending on what you are having done in your bathroom these projects can take between a week and a month.

2) Choose Fixtures – If you are getting rid of your old fixtures, tub, shower, sinks, and toilet, you need to go ahead and choose the new ones. Write down the new brands and models of the fixtures and appliances for your bathroom so it’s readily available to the contractor. This does affect the project.

3) Services Needed – Part of planning your bathroom remodeling project means figuring out how many contractors you will need. This is determined by what you are having done. If you are having a full remodeling project done, you may require the services of qualified plumbers, electricians, and other contractors for the construction of your new bathroom. The most convenient way to get all these services is to search for a business that has all the necessary bathroom remodeling contractors Canton MI for your project. That way you don’t have to do all the work in researching multiple contractors.

4) Choose a Contractor – Once you have these things on your checklist, you can start researching and choosing your contractor for the work. Make sure you find a contractor that has the proper licensing and insurance to work in Michigan. It’s smart to get referrals and recommendations from former or current clients of a contractor. Choosing a remodeling contractor with experience and business stability is your best solution.

These are the basics of making a checklist before getting started with a bathroom remodeling project. You can get more tips about the process at Remember to be realistic about your expectations of this type of project when determining your time frame and costs.

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