The Benefits Associated With Cremation In Fairfield OH

Few things are more devastating to a family than when a loved one passes, and despite the emotional struggle, they must pull themselves together to arrange for the impending visitation and funeral services. Traditional burial was one of the most popular options for many years, but Cremation in Fairfield OH is gaining in popularity due to the array of benefits it provides to those who are left behind. Here is a quick look at the top three benefits to choosing cremation.

Financial Costs

The average cost of a funeral exceeds $5,000 which is a large sum of money even if the deceased had a substantial life insurance policy. Cremation is usually a more budget-friendly alternative, with the total cost of the process ranging from $800 to $1,500. The cost benefits ensure a family has more money left over to help them as they piece their lives back together after sustaining a heartbreaking loss.

Environmental Impacts

Burying an individual in a casket has a vast array of negative impacts on the environment, as soil must be disturbed and the remains of the individual, which are typically treated with chemicals designed to preserve the body, may leach out harmful substances that will threaten the safety of water sources. Cremation in Fairfield OH is easier on the environment and eliminates the use of toxic chemicals and reduces the likelihood of them having adverse effects on the planet.


When a loved one is buried, the grave plot serves as their final resting place, and while some families find solace in that thought, if life circumstances require them to move they are forced to leave behind the memories of those who have passed. Cremated remains are placed in an urn, and a family has the option of moving them and keeping their loved one nearby if they are required to relocate.

Arranging for a funeral after the passing of a loved one isn’t easy, but a funeral director helps alleviate the worry and stress by providing help with each step of the process.

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