The Basics Behind Dental Polishing in Palm Coast, FL

There’s nothing like having smooth, white teeth. Everyone should know the feeling of having a bright smile. However, bright smiles don’t just come out of nowhere. Instead, they are the product of good oral health and regular dental polishes. See how dental polishers play a crucial role in the appearance of your teeth.

Who Uses Dental Polishing evices

As you likely know, you can find dental polishers at the dentist’s office. However, the dentist isn’t the only staff member who uses this device. Most likely, a dental hygienist will be the one to carry out the polishing process. These professionals are exceptionally skillful in handling these machines.

Why You Need a Polishing

In essence, polishing is a deep cleaning of the teeth. Over time, plaque builds on the surface of a person’s teeth. Later, this plaque transforms into tartar. That is what is responsible for the unattractive appearance of unpolished teeth. Teeth in this condition may seem brown or yellowish and unkempt.

In the same vein, not only looks matter when it comes to dental polishing. Tartar can trap harmful bacteria against the tooth’s surface. To prevent this, the hygienist will scrape off the tartar before polishing.

The Polishing Process

After the teeth are scraped, the polishing process begins. Polishing will remove stains and inconsistencies in the texture of the tooth. To carry this out, the dental hygienist will use a rubber cup tool and some polishing paste. In some cases, pressurized water or air can be applied to assist in further cleaning. These are the main steps involved in making your teeth look amazing.

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