Dental Intraoral Scanners Provide More Accurate Treatment Guidance

Dental intraoral scanners present the next frontier in dentistry technology. The technology evolves from the dentist’s trusty seat-side suite of tools. Instead of relying on many different tools to perform the tasks, intraoral scanners consolidate the functions of several and builds on the functionality to offer new ease of diagnosis and treatment for dentists and their patients.

No Wires Means No Fear

Many patients and dentists alike are aware of the power and water lines that connect dentistry tools to other machines or the wall. Although dentists are usually very careful, occasionally the cord can be problematic. At the least, the sensation of the cords can make patients feel nervous about their visit. Dental intraoral scanners are doing away with the cords and are . This way the functional and psychological problem of instrument cords is minimized.

Making Diagnosis Easy

The primary functionality of the intraoral scanner is to allow the dentist and the patient an in-depth look at the patient’s dental environment without resorting to invasive techniques or potentially harmful radiation. The scanner uses special technologies to visualize the patient’s teeth in real-time. The smart software also allows for different views that can be used to identify specific information about a patient’s teeth, such as a compromised tooth.

Increases Patient Intelligibility

It is often very difficult to explain to a patient what is going on within their own mouth. Dentist have traditionally relied on still photos and models, but intraoral scanners, and the accompanying software, gives the dentist new tools for explaining the state of a patient’s dental environment. It also allows them to explain how procedures will affect the patient directly by presenting the information using the visualization in real-time of their own teeth.

Dental Intraoral Scanners are the next-gen tech of dentistry. The possibilities are endless for diagnosis and treatment and also patient education.

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