The Aspects of a Career as an Industrial Electrician in Wichita

Are you looking for an exciting and challenging career with solid job opportunities? If so find an industrial electrician wichita that you can rely upon. These electricians usually work with large companies in full-time positions, but also work at independent contractors. An industrial electrician wichita will install, test, inspect, maintain, and repair electrical equipment, electrical components in different types of machinery and buildings in an industrial setting. Many of these professionals are working on robots, which requires special education and training in robotic repair and maintenance.

Being an industrial electrician requires the stamina to work in difficult areas. An electrician might have to climb high on top of a machine or work in a confined, tight spot such as a crawl space. This type of work needs to be done by a person with the right temperament. Also, since an industrial electrician works closely with managers and co-workers, he will need to be able to effectively communicate problems and solutions when interacting with these people. An individual considering becoming a industrial electrician wichita will need to be adept at reading blueprints and diagrams so he can know his way around the area he is working on.


There are four main areas that an industrial electrician wichita will work in: panel building; repair and rewind; instrumentation; and maintenance. Constructing control panels that control a structure’s heating, ventilation, and lighting systems is a job most professionals in this trade learn to do. Also, fixing defects in machinery is a skill learned in the classroom and on the job. Many companies want to measure the effectiveness of their production lines. Having an electrician installing and maintaining the testing systems for this allows a company to accurately determine how well these systems are working.

An industrial electrician must have a high school degree. Also an individual must pass 900 hours working as an apprentice under the guidance of certified electricians. After this, an examination must be passed to work as an industrial electrician. Many trade schools offer courses that enable a person to become one also. Check with ones in your area to determine if that route is for you.

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