The Advantages Of Portion Scales

In many different types of Dallas, TX processing, and manufacturing industries, scales are used not just to weigh loads but to determine specific proportions. In fact, they are often used in the food processing and sales industry for this reason, as well as used in chemical manufacturing, metals as well as construction.

The type of portion scales used in various industries will differ. Each type of design of scale will offer various advantages and features that make it the ideal choice for a specific industry or application.

Washdown Suitable

There are several large food production companies in Dallas, TX as well as companies producing beverages or other products that have to be manufactured under specific requirements for safety.

These types of applications will require the scales go through the washdown and sanitizing process as outlined by the specific industry regulations. The portion scales that are designed for use in washdown protocols provide waterproof seals and are typically made with food grade stainless steel for full compliance.

Vibration Reduction

Different models of portion scales may also be designed to provide vibration reduction. These are often used in production environments or other areas where surface vibrations would cause significant problems or accuracy of measurement without these the vibration filters.

Load Capacity Variations

Some Dallas, TX businesses will only need scales to weigh very light portion amounts, so a smaller, more compact scale with a smaller footprint may be the most effective size. Typically, the larger load capacity scales are larger in size, but even some offer a small size with a good weight range.
Consider the ability to easily change measurement units or adjust the increments right from the scale. Backlit displays, larger LCD displays or lift of weighing trays may also be features to consider based on the specific needs.

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