Should You Use a Printed Template or A Professionally Produced Receipt Book?

In all businesses, whether for profit or charity, there are endless decisions you should make about how you spend your dollars and where you should save money. You know you must offer a complete receipt to every customer who completes a transaction with you, but do you download a receipt template from the Internet or use a professional payment receipt book, preferably customized to present and represent your organization?

You Will Always Need to Present a Proof of Payment

The world may have changed dramatically during the past 50 years when the thoughts of social media and the Internet were just the world of science fiction. During these changing times, the need to present a proof of payment has not altered.

You will use a payment receipt book so that you can prove you have received a payment from a customer in exchange for your goods or services. By using this system, you can accurately produce records which show the numbers and types of exchanges that took place, the amount of cash and checks going into your business and for the customer, the opportunity to present their proof of receipt should they need to return the item within a qualifying period.

Some businesses decide to download a template from the Internet, customize it where possible and print out sufficient copies to last throughout a transaction period.

These can work as a payment receipt book but are never as professional as a customized payment receipt book printed by an expert organization. The quality of print from your laser or inkjet printer is never going to meet the quality of a professional printer.

Even where the print quality is good from a downloaded template, it will never be perceived as high quality in comparison to a professional job. Having to cut each receipt with scissors will become your first downfall.

There are some areas of your business where it may be worth cutting corners to save costs, but using templates from the Internet is not as effective. You must not forget that the payment receipt book provides a great opportunity for marketing your business and providing salient information to your customers.

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