Take Advantage Of Services Offered By New Orleans Residential Movers

In the past, moving companies offered a very limited number of services to customers. Some of the top residential movers in New Orleans have always offered professional crews for packing and unpacking of household contents, but this was typically the extent of the additional services that were offered.

Today’s residential movers for both local and long distance moving offer a wide range of other moving related services. There will be some difference between local and long-distance moves, but typically the top companies can customize services to meet the needs of their customers.

To help understand your options when moving in or out of New Orleans, consider the advantages to using one or more of these services in addition to the packing and unpacking service.

Personal Move Coordination

The top residential movers will provide personalized moving support. This is true for both local and long-distance moves, but it is very helpful when moving to someplace new and unfamiliar. Moving coordination should include pre-move package about your destination to help with orienting yourself to the community.

For both local and long-distance moves, having one contact person or move coordinator at the moving company is very helpful. This makes it easier to find out information and to ask questions with someone already familiar with our move.

Short and Long-Term Storage

During the home sale and for the move itself, there may be a need for short-term storage. In some cases, particularly if the new home may be under construction, long-term storage for some or all of the contents of the home may be required.

By using the storage solution offered by the residential movers, you are assured of a safe, secure and well-maintained facility. It will also be simple to arrange for delivery of items in storage when it is convenient. This will just take a phone call to get the process started.

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